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What is involved in being a recruitment consultant?

  • As a Recruiter, you will be writing content for advertisements and marketing via social media to source the best talent in the IT Sector.
  • You will be calling people, meeting people, and generally building your networking skills.
  • In a recruitment agency, you will be speaking with clients and meeting them to better understand them and their needs.
  • In time, Recruitment Consultants will be managing company accounts and eventually building your new business skills, so you can present the best opportunities to candidates.
  • Recruiters will also enjoy administration and managing information.

How do I become a Recruitment Consultant?

We will train you across all areas of recruitment and it typically takes 2 years to complete all our training. This covers all areas of the recruitment life cycle and it includes sourcing IT talent using an ever-changing range of tools and skills, from phone-based techniques, social media and advertising.

You will complete over 200 modules of training and you will learn from some outstanding recruitment consultants.

For more information about our training program.

What are my career development opportunities as a Recruitment Consultant with Archer?

Archer is growing fast and it needs new leaders for the future.

You will have lots of training and it never stops at our consultancy. For the first 2 years, you learn the industry, then there are opportunities to become a leader in a functional area, training or management. Others decide to focus on being the best Recruitment Consultants that they can be, much like a lawyer might do.

There is also Management Training and learning about wellness skills.

We have a partnership model where people who go the extra mile can progress to an equity partner. This is much like a Management Consultancy, Law Firm or Accounting Practice.

Who is suited to being a Recruitment Consultant in our company?

Successful Recruitment Consultants enjoy the earning potential of the sector. It often suits people who have financial goals that they would like to achieve. A Recruiters job isn’t always easy and many times there will be difficult conversations and setbacks.

Resilience and determination are important traits.

What are we looking for in our Recruitment Consultants?

We don’t particularly look for people with recruitment experience. We have a strong and proven training programme. We are looking for people who have the right mindset for us. On occasion, people can have the right skills but recruitment isn’t quite right for them at this point in time.

Friendly and approachable people, who enjoy talking with others.

High energy as the role involves being very proactive.

Graduate Bachelor’s Degree in anything really from Commerce, Law, Finance, Science, Law, Arts.

1 + years’ experience in anything. Sales can be helpful but people can come from Finance, Accounting, Banking, Insurance, IT, Media, Events, Retail, Marketing or other areas as well.

What do I get from being a Recruitment Consultant?

  • You learn about people and businesses.
  • Hard work gets rewarded, not always immediately but it will in time.
  • You meet and speak with lots of people and build valuable relationships.
  • You will help organisations build strong teams and candidates realise their career ambitions.
  • The role is significantly commission based with many of the best recruitment consultants earning triple their salary in commission.
  • The environment is very social with weekly and quarterly team activities. Archer offers incentives for the team and its high performers which includes holidays abroad.

What are some of the negative elements of being a Recruitment Consultant?

  • It isn’t a short- term career, it can take time to build expertise and networks.
  • Not everyone wants to talk to us.
  • It can be hard work as there are deadlines and performance metrics to achieve.
  • Recruitment isn’t a time- based position, it more about achievements. This takes considerable time and significant effort to achievement results.
  • The industry is results-based. In so far, as doing an OK job doesn’t really satisfy our clients and candidates, so people who enjoy working to a high standard generally get double and triple the rewards.
  • Recruitment Consultants need to differentiate themselves from Recruitment Agents. Being a Recruitment Consultant involves providing constructive feedback to clients and candidates about how to improve processes and candidate helping them in their search.

What is the Salary for a Recruitment Consultant?

The position is heavily commission-based; however, it does have a solid basic salary.

Year 1: On top of the basic salary (which depends on experience). The commission is typically €9,000. However, some consultants earn €30,000 in commission in their first year.

Year 2: The basic salary normally increases and your commission is on average €25,000. However, some people do earn €50,000 in commission in year 2.

If you would like to explore it further, please feel free to submit your CV for a confidential conversation.

Further Reading:

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Archer Recruitment Consultant Careers

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