Front End & JavaScript Developer Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

JavaScript used by Front End Developers are in high demand from our client organisations in Ireland from a broad range of companies both large and small. The cluster of software product companies here are using various JavaScript frameworks such as React. Banks, Insurance Companies and major Corporations are also embracing Front End & JavaScript as part of their digital transformation journeys.

These market trends are creating some interesting jobs and projects for Front End Developers. Angular is a popular technology in Ireland, as is Vue.js. We also have client organisations that use Ember.js and we have opportunities for JavaScript Developers with jQuery.

Some of the complementary tools with Front End developers include HTML and CSS. In Dublin and Ireland, TypeScript is now gaining presence as a strong programming language that builds on JavaScript and is mostly associated with Angular, React and VueJS. Libraries include Redux. React Native for mobile applications has emerged over the last few years and some developers have even dedicated their roles wholly to React Native mobile development.

Front End Developers with cloud experience or knowledge is increasingly important. Archer Recruitment also has jobs available for Fullstack Developers experienced with Java, and we have a page dedicated to Java Jobs. We also have positions for Front End Developers with PHP and a page dedicated to PHP Jobs. There is also a page dedicated to JavaScript Developers who have experience with Node.js for the backend.


Career Path for Front End & JavaScript Developers

Front End & JavaScript Developers tend to switch in between being Fullstack at some stage. The typical career journey tends to be fast-moving with jumps from a mid-level to a senior-level happening quite quickly. The journey can start from graduate to mid-level, to senior, to technical lead and then principal and engineering manager or CTO.

For more information on Front End & JavaScript jobs and careers, feel free to contact us or apply for one of the available jobs below.