Java Developer / Software Engineer Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

At Archer Recruitment, we consistently have several jobs and vacancies for Java Developers. The bulk of our job openings are based in Ireland, however, we also have job offers in the wider European market. There are hybrid positions and the option to work remotely for companies based in Ireland.

There is a strong pool of skilled Java Developers in Dublin specifically, and variations of the Java program language have been used by a range of companies in Ireland for many years. This has created a strong cluster of companies requiring Java Engineers and a solid candidate pool.

At Archer Recruitment, we have openings for a range of roles including Fullstack Java Developers, Java Architects, Team Leads, and Software Development Managers.

Key Tech Relevant to Java Developer Jobs

In the Java development area, Machine Learning, AI and Big Data skills are rapidly becoming more popular for Java Developers to work with and for companies to recruit for. Technology and tools such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and Zookeeper are very appealing to developers when looking for a new opportunity in Ireland.

Open-source tools such as Terraform are also being utilised more actively and gaining a strong following. Typically, Java developers will have experience with frameworks such as Spring and cloud experience in AWS, GCP, or Azure – this experience is almost essential. When looking at Full-stack Java Developers, they typically also have Front-end framework experiences such as Angular or React.


What does the Career Path look like for Java Developers?

Java developers have many career growth opportunities depending on their interests on both a permanent and contract basis. Archer offers many contract jobs for Java developers for those engineers considering contract positions.

Some Java Engineers will switch to contract mid-career with 4+ years of experience. Many enjoy the benefits of contracting, however, some developers will return to permanent positions for the opportunity to progress into leadership or development manager jobs.

A Java developer can begin as a junior, then move up to mid-level and then to a senior level, and from there has the option of going into an architecture or more people management-focused roles such as Team Lead or individual contributor positions such as a Principal Engineer. After this, the next step is to go for a C-suite Engineering Manager position.

Some of the Key Certifications that our clients are seeking include Cloud certifications such as Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certified, Microsoft Azure Developer Certified, or AWS Certified Developer.

A master’s degree in Big Data or Analytics is also becoming increasingly relevant and helps candidates stand out. While experience as a Java Developer is key, some companies value job applications with completed courses like Java SE 8 Programmer Certification.

Reach out to our recruitment consultants for more information about how Archer Recruitment can assist you in your career objectives in Ireland.