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More Information about a Role

Please feel free to search our website to find a vacancy or a position that may suit you. If you require further information in regards to the specifics of the company, the opportunity, position location, or package, please reach out to one of our IT, Project, or Data Recruitment Consultants.

Each Recruitment Consultant at Archer Recruitment specialises in a specific area of IT, Data, and Business Change. For example, a recruiter focuses on .NET and another recruitment consultant specialises in hiring IT Security Specialists. Please make contact with the IT Recruitment Consultants name at the end of the job advertisement.

Benchmarking your Current Salary

Archer is well-established and has been operating in Dublin, Ireland for 15 years. We collaborate with skilled and often passive candidates who explain to us their medium and long-term career objectives. As opportunities arise which align with their career objectives, we inform them. We find this partnership approach has helped many people to achieve their career ambitions.

Archer is a specialist recruitment consultancy with the key ambition of sourcing the top IT, Technology, Data and Business Change roles in Ireland for its candidates.

If you would like to contact one of our team or a specialist recruitment consultant to benchmark your current position in terms of remuneration or career development opportunities, please feel free to reach out.

Types of Vacancies

Typically, we have about 30-50 new vacancies per week listed by our client companies. The jobs are 50 per cent permanent and 50 per cent day rate contracts. We strive to be the best IT recruitment consultancy in Ireland and sourcing new contracts and permanent roles from the best companies is our key objective.

The clients we recruit for are mixed. We are well established in the Irish recruitment market and our clients include both Irish and International Software Companies, Banks, Insurance Companies and companies in the emerging Fintech sector. We also recruit actively for government, a select group of consultancies and IT Integration partners.

Archer also recruits for other sectors across pharmaceutical, iGaming, education, retail, travel, health and other industries to assist in their journey toward digitalisation, IT Infrastructure, Security or on a project basis. As organisations endeavour to use Data to understand their organisations, we have a large team or Recruitment Consultants presenting these opportunities to our candidates.

Hidden Market of Jobs

Most of our active search assignments are listed on the site. We do however have several confidential career opportunities not listed on Archer Recruitment’s website. On occasion, indigenous Irish and international companies will retain us to search for talented professionals on a highly discreet and confidential basis.

Many people with skills in IT, Technology, Project Management, Business Analysis or Data Management reach out to us confidentially to discuss jobs that may not be listed.

Day Rate Contracts

Due to the speed of the IT, Software Developer, Testing, Business Intelligence, Project Manager, Business Analyst and Data orientated day rate contracts, we may not be able to release them to the website. If you are interested in daily rate contracting please feel free to reach out to us in advance of your current contract expiring.

Archer collaborates with skilled contractors on a long-term basis and to be able to present contract opportunities on an ongoing basis over many years.

If you are interested in discussing day rate contracts, please feel free to reach out to our contract team or one of our specialist recruiters. We have a dedicated Contractor Care team which can be contacted at

If you are new to day-rate contracting or would like to find out more, we can answer any specific questions about contracting or direct you to a third-party organisation to assist with your tax planning.

Response Time to Applicants

We do endeavour to respond to any job applicants within 48 hours. However, please be aware that some roles can be very popular and it can be challenging for the dedicated specialist IT Recruitment Consultant to respond to all candidates in a timely manner. Building long-term relationships is one of our key values and we do strive to respond as soon as possible.

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