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Archer Recruitment Ireland Salary Survey Jan 2021

Salary Survey Guide ’21

Becoming a Day Rate Contractor

Becoming a Day Rate Contractor

What is a Day Rate Contractor? “A person or firm that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labour to perform a service or do a job” A contractor is a person or company that performs work on...

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Contractor / Temp Monthly Timesheet

Contractor / Temp

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Archer Monthly Timesheet

Contractor / Temp

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Archer Resignation Letter Template

Resignation Letter


Archer Correct Etiquette when Resigning

Correct Etiquette

When Resigning

IT Specialisations

Dublin job market trends for each IT sector.

JavaScript Developer Salary Survey

Hiring plans still continue for JavaScript Developers. Over the past six months, both organisations and candidates have become more comfortable and accustomed to remote...

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IT Support Salary Survey

Since organisations are having to support a remote workforce under dramatically different circumstances this year there has been a little more activity in the IT Support portion...

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Systems Administrator Salary Survey

Infrastructure has been going through a transition to the cloud and as such is a market segment that was relatively unaffected by the pandemic. Roles still remained plentiful as...

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QA & Software Tester Salary Survey

The march towards automation has continued in the software testing market is an overarching trend. There is still a place for manual testing (and there always will be) but the...

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Senior Appointments Salary Survey

Executive level recruitment has been significantly affected by the change in market conditions of the last 6 months. Roles at this level tend to follow a domino effect since the...

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C++ Developer Salary Survey

C++ continues to be a stalwart technology for many organisations and if anything over the last 12 months there has been an increase in the number of vacancies in this specialism....

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BI & Data Analytics Salary Survey

A lot has happened since April 2020 in the BI & Data Analytics hiring market in Ireland - recruitment ground to a halt with the announcement of the lockdown and remained slow...

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.NET Developer Salary Survey

The .NET market was only moderately impacted by the changing market conditions of 2020, leaving the demand and supply balance at a similar ratio to pre-COVID times. The...

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Java Developer Salary Survey

The Java Software Engineer market was one of the most resilient to the industry-wide slowdown in hiring as a result of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. While hiring did slow...

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