IT Audit & Security Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

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Data is the new old and gold of our society, protecting that data has become an essential part of modern applications. Big names like Google, Facebook, Metaverse, and Amazon rely on data, so data protection in transit and at rest has become a vital part of businesses.

Security is required from small e-commerce sites and local restaurant delivery apps to large Tech giants. Cyber ventures report that there will be 3.5 million openings for cybersecurity jobs globally by 2025.

Some of the cybersecurity and information security Jobs in Ireland are Information security analyst, penetration tester, data recovery professional, network security engineer, cryptographer, and security awareness training specialist to name a few.

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Key Tech in Demand in Cybersecurity & Information Security Jobs

The demand for jobs in Ireland for IT security is ever-growing as companies are realizing the value of making their information secure. Antivirus; firewall; intrusion detection; spam filtering; content filtering; and in some cases, VPN support for encrypted communications are all key areas, discovering and voiding potential threats attempting to gain access to your network.

Information security is a vital part of a company’s arsenal for protecting against data leakages and data loss, protection using Microsoft Azure (DLP) and Proofpoint. Performing vulnerability assessment on OS and application level to make sure all the latest security-critical patches are deployed and there are no level-3 or higher vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. Furthermore, through penetration testing entry points can be pinpointed in the system.

On the other hand, backup and disaster recovery strategies are there to ensure that vulnerable information in your organization, whether it is data stored at local premises or external clouds is backed up and can be restored instantly.


What does the Career Path look like for a Cybersecurity and Information Security Specialist?

Malware and ransomware have increased by 400% since 2019, and phishing attacks have become 81% of security incidents. In 2015, there were 15 billion IoT devices, and the demand for them has doubled in 2022.

If you are looking for vacancies in Ireland in the area of IT security, then you must understand the career pathway. Cybersecurity and information security both offers promising jobs in Ireland. The career path for these experts can vary based on which part of Security they focus on. Typically, you can start with a security analyst role. If you perform your duties well, a typical path will then see your progress to an engineering role. From here, you can develop your knowledge of security architecture and take on more responsibilities as an architect. For many, managerial routes are also of interest, with ISO or CISO positions being the ultimate goal.


Other Key Certifications for Information Security Specialists

The modern landscape of technology needs experts to protect and prevent attacks. To ensure your information is secure, companies typically have a Governance, Risk & Compliance team. These analysts will familiarize themselves with Security frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST 800-53, or COBIT.

Certifications will vary based on the path you choose in IT security. Penetration testers will typically achieve the Certified Ethical Hacker, while Security Analysts will obtain CompTIA Security + or Certified Information Security Manager®(CISM). Another option is the Certified Information Systems Auditor®(CISA).

Senior positions will require candidates to have certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional®(CISSP).