Archer Recruitment - Kieran Tumulty

Kieran leads our data & software engineering recruitment practices. He became the first person to be made a Partner in Archer in 2019. He is a specialist Database & Data Analytics recruiter – he created our database recruitment practice which has grown into one of our core areas of focus.

Prior to transitioning to recruitment, Kieran’s professional background is in adult education & training. He completed a law degree in UCC. He is a proud Waterford native. He is always happy to share knowledge with companies who want to improve their recruitment process and candidates who need assistance with their job search.

+353 1 649 8510

Database Developer & Database Administrator (DBA) Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

Database administrators make sure that databases are running smoothly. Database administrators and architects design and build systems that store and safeguard a wide range of data, including financial data, insurance companies, hospitals and customer shipping records. They oversee the construction, management and security of the company’s databases.

Archer Recruitment has a team of consultants who specialise in Database Developers and DBA recruitment. We have successfully placed DBAs, Database Developers and Database Managers in Dublin. Several database platforms, including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Teradata require developers and DBAs.

We at Archer Recruitment make sure to add interesting opportunities for job seekers. So, if you are on a database job hunt or interested in hearing about vacancies, you can contact our team to learn more about these opportunities in Ireland.

Key Tech in Demand in Database Developer & Database Administrator Jobs

Database administrators and architects design and organise data storage and security solutions. They focus on accomplishing it by having a working understanding of (and expertise in) database management tools and techniques.

In the next 20 years, the employment of database administrators and architects is expected to increase by 8% approximately. So, if you’re a DBA, architect or developer, you have more career opportunities to look forward to in Dublin, Ireland.


What does a Career Path look like for a Database Developer & Database Administrator? 

If you want to opt for database as a career then you can start in a general ICT field, such as helpdesk support or development, and gradually become more proficient in database administration. Database administrators must have a basic understanding of the structured query language (SQL) and software vendor certifications. 

A junior developer or IT administrator can learn to become a DBA and can advance to more responsible roles as time goes on. Another aspect of working as a database administrator in Ireland is that the learning process as software and programs are constantly evolving. New versions of existing databases present a constantly changing landscape that can be difficult to traverse without ongoing education. At the same time, Archer Recruitment offers a wide range of IT-related disciplines that encompasses database management such as system administration, networking, cloud computing, etc.


Other Key Certifications for a Database Developer & Database Administrator

Today, in Dublin and throughout Ireland, most businesses would prioritise employing people who have received certifications and DBA training in their database software. Below are some of the leading roles with their training database administrator credentials:

Oracle: Oracle DB Certified Professional, Oracle DB Certified Associate, Oracle’s Database Administrator Certified Associate (OCA)

Microsoft SQL Server: MCSE (Data Platform and Business Intelligence) and MCDBA (Microsoft Database Administrator).

MySQL Database Administrator, MySQL Database Developer.