Business Analyst Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

Today’s business environment is getting ever more complex and challenging. That is why companies are always in search of fresh talent for Business Analyst positions both on a permanent and daily rate contract basis.

Archer Recruitment’s clients need specialists in Change Management, Banking and Insurance Business Analysis, Technical and Software Development, as well as Analysts in Business Processes and Software Implementation.

Our roles cover many areas. If you’re interested in discussing any of our BA roles please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please feel free to browse our other pages where there is a cross over for your BA skills, such as roles for Product Owners, Project Managers and Management Consultants.

What is the Career Path and Career Journey for a Business Analyst?

Business Analysts enter the profession in a number of different ways. Historically, Business Analysts had a technical aptitude and worked as software developers or technical consultants and demonstrated a keen interest in the business objectives that software or business process change was having on an organisation.

However, many Business Analysts develop from business operations. They may have initially collaborated on an internal project for a new system, new regulation, or process. This project experience allows them to build project experience to get the opportunity to contribute to another project.

More recently, Business Analysts are being developed from third-level studies. For example, this Degree program at UCC.

Interestingly, the profession of “Business Analysts” isn’t as progressed as other IT Professions.  Employers at this stage aren’t requiring certification like in other professions such as Project Management, however, the Business Analyst Association of Ireland is doing good work in this area.


How does a Business Analyst Career Progress?

Often Business Analysts develop their career in a number of ways. Many times, they progress to become a Project Manager. This is the typical route, however, there is always a shortage and high demand for skilled and experienced Business Analysts. Often because Business Analysts progress into Project Managers, it creates a lack of talent with 8 – 15 years of experience.


What is the Future Scope for a Business Analyst?

The role of a Business Analyst is more varied with several different types of skills. Over the last few years, we have seen the growth of the Product Owner position which is a very similar role to many Business Analyst roles. The typical difference is the Product Owner will focus on a particular software product or digital platform. As a general rule, there is growth in agile development methodologies and certifications in this area are well worth it.

Some points which are worth noting are that a career as a Business Analyst will involve changing organisations at some point or possibly multiple times throughout a Business Analyst’s career. With the exception of some large corporations or software companies, organisations often do need to take a break from projects and change. Many experienced Business Analysts often move to day-rate contracting because of this project focus. As IT and regulation become increasingly intertwined with the business process, the need for a business analyst is not going away anytime soon.

If you have the right skills, you could be the person to help our clients achieve business goals by uncovering business needs and translating them into innovative projects, products, and services, then please feel free to reach out to us.