Python Developer / Software Engineer Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

We recruit at all levels across the Python Engineering space in Dublin, Ireland and even some remote roles across Europe so even if you aren’t actively seeking, we would recommend having a conversation with our Python Recruitment Consultant to give you market insights, career progression opportunities, and advice on your future career goals.

Python demand is at an all-time high in the Irish IT sector and has been significantly increasing in 2020 and 2021. We recruit for a range of exclusive companies, from robotics and multimedia to educational and fintech.

If you’re a Python Developer or Python Architect that is interested in furthering your career, reach out to one of our specialist consultants about your career goals and future career opportunities. Positions range from junior Python developer roles to developers with top-level Python experience, and Lead and Technical Manager jobs.

If you are looking for a job opportunity, you can also check out our roles below which include remote Python job opportunities.

Some of the Python Development and Engineering positions we recruit for are Junior Python Developer, Mid-level Python Developer, Senior Python Developer, Python Architect, Python Technical Lead, Engineering Manager, and other similar positions.

Key Tech in Demand in Python Developer / Engineer Jobs

The demand is increasing for back-end skills in Python, with a growing need for candidates with Microservices and Cloud exposure. The demand for Python developers who have an understanding of DevOps technologies is also increasing. Engineers who operate in a “you build it you run it” environment hold an advantage in the marketplace.

Hiring companies in Dublin and Ireland are interested in software engineers who use best practices in Agile and Test Driven Design. With the emergence of microservices architecture, many companies are migrating from a monolithic application to a microservices architecture. Each microservice must be containerised and technology that enables the communication between microservices is highly sought after.


What does the Career Journey for a Python Developer / Engineer look like?

Due to the high demand for Python software developers, there are excellent career progression opportunities for those seeking permanent jobs. Once you have progressed to a Senior Software Engineer, most companies give you job offers to progress down the management route via Team Lead and Engineering Manager job positions. Alternatively, a company could give you an option to go down the architectural pathway as a Principal Software Engineer or Lead Architect.

Cloud computing is becoming a valuable skill, with many Python organisations implementing microservices with such cloud technologies. Having certifications in Kubernetes, Google Cloud or AWS paired with commercial experience in a cloud platform (Azure, AWS, or GCP) can help candidates to find their dream Python job/remote job.


Other Key Certifications for Python Developer / Engineer / Web Developer

For Software Engineers looking to embark on a Python journey, there are great courses available in Python Programming that could give you a good insight into developing the programming language and help improve your experience with Python skills. As a Python Programmer, Keeping up with the latest Python trends is very beneficial. StackOver Flow is also another fantastic way to keep up with emerging trends.