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Archer Recruitment Ireland Salary Survey February 2024

IT Salary Survey Guide Feb ’24

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Salary Survey February 2024 for IT, Data, and Business Change in Ireland

The Irish IT market, still feeling the effects of broader economic challenges such as the war in Ukraine, inflation, and interest rate hikes, is cautiously optimistic heading into 2024. While 2023 witnessed a subdued hiring environment, with a notable decline in the technology sector due to these macroeconomic factors, there are indications of a gradual rebound.

Venture Capital and Startup Ecosystem: The venture capital scene, which saw a downturn in 2023, impacting tech startup hiring, is showing signs of stabilisation. Though funding remains a concern, there is a renewed interest in innovative tech ventures, suggesting potential growth and hiring opportunities in this sector.

Industry-Specific Developments: Despite general market conservatism, certain IT roles remained in high demand throughout 2023. Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, and DevOps Engineers continued to be sought after, fuelled by the growth of AI and digital transformation across various industries. This trend is expected to persist into 2024, with these roles becoming increasingly pivotal.

Talent Acquisition and Retention: The market slowdown in 2023 created an opportune moment for hiring top talent, especially those impacted by redundancies. However, competition for these skilled professionals remains high. Companies need to offer competitive packages to attract and retain the best candidates.

IT Leadership and Recruitment Outlook: There was limited movement in IT leadership roles in 2023, as companies adopted a more conservative approach to hiring. This trend is poised to change in 2024, with many organisations planning to increase recruitment, particularly in leadership positions. It’s a strategic time for potential candidates to network and connect with prospective employers.

Future Prospects: The outlook for 2024 is cautiously optimistic. Companies are expected to gradually increase their hiring activities, particularly in areas that support digital transformation and innovation. The demand for IT professionals with niche skills, especially in emerging technologies, is likely to grow.

Market Adaptability: The Irish IT market is adapting to the new normal, with a focus on flexible, resilient, and scalable IT solutions. This shift is likely to drive demand for skills in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and data analytics.

In summary, while 2023 was a year of cautious hiring and consolidation, 2024 holds promise for the Irish IT market, with expected growth in key areas and a gradual uptick in hiring activities, emphasising the need for adaptable and skilled IT professionals.


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