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Archer Recruitment Ireland Salary Survey 2022

Salary Survey Guide Jan ’22

Updated with the latest sectors and salaries to reflect the latest trends, market activities and salary market rates.

Salary Survey January 2022 for IT, Data and Business Change – Ireland

This IT Salary Survey covers the Dublin and Ireland IT, Project and Data employment market. This Salary Guide predominately covers base salary pay but also highlights some interesting trends in total compensation including non-financial benefits. This Salary Report was conducted across just over 20,000 professionals in Ireland including Software Developers, IT Managers and Leaders, Data and Business Analytics, Project Managers and Business Analysts.

We started 2021 in Ireland with a lengthy lockdown, and a relatively cautious approach to hiring and changing jobs from many, following a particularly subdued 2020. From March onwards, there has been a return to the 2019/2020 level of hiring in the information technology space which has displayed no signs of slowing down as we reach the end of 2021 and head into 2022. Organisations across many sectors, of all shapes and sizes, have the capital to spend on information technology and in many cases are looking to catch up after a slower 2020. Archer Recruitment’s experience in Ireland is highlighted by Statistica’s research into global IT Investment and Spending.

In a time of rapid change for the world at large, the pace of technology change has further increased. The adoption of DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering and Cloud Technologies has continued steadily throughout 2021, with many older organisations tackling these initiatives in a meaningful way. For newer organisations, adopting cloud technologies in some way is almost a given. Choice of programming languages continues to evolve – we have seen a substantial spike in demand for Python, Ruby and NodeJS engineers, as well as functional programming languages like Rust, Scala and F#.

The global cryptocurrency boom has also made its way to Ireland. 2021 has seen the arrival of a range of crypto technology companies arriving on our shores and building substantial R & D teams here. We like many industry analysts expect this sector to evolve in Ireland, and we hope to share further market insights into this sector as more employers continue to establish a base in Ireland.

In Q3 and Q4, we have observed an increase in the immigration of IT talent to Ireland. People were moving much less frequently earlier in the pandemic. This additional source of IT talent is very helpful in meeting the strong demand in Ireland.

The conversation around remote working has continued throughout 2021 and remains an unresolved question for many organisations heading into 2022. The change in circumstances in Ireland in Q4 has resulted in them pushing back “return to office” dates. Hybrid working appears to be the most common plan of action at present, however, many companies have embraced a strategy closer to fully remote.

Finally, we have seen the demand for IT contractors in Ireland continue to grow, following the trend in 2021 and heading into 2022. While the demand has always been strong in financial services, banking and insurance, there is a growing market within technology companies in Dublin, particularly those looking to scale teams quickly.


How do we get this information?

Archer Recruitment is a specialist IT Recruitment Agency in Dublin, Ireland.

We compile this salary survey from 20,000 people in IT, Data and Business Change. We also look at the salaries offered by 150 companies and government organisations across Ireland.

We consider trends in the US, which have a significant impact on IT Jobs and Employment in Ireland. We also consider local information and statistics from the ERSI.

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