Hiring Guide for Contract Recruitment in Ireland

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As a contract recruitment agency, we quickly place pre-screened, IT professional contractors across a range of business sectors within Ireland and the UK.

Our specialist contract recruitment team have been trained to provide a flexible and bespoke approach, tailored to fit an organisation’s individual requirements. We understand the urgency of contract and interim hires, implementing our unique search process to deliver niche skill sets within a short time frame.

As a contract recruiter, our mission is to utilise deep-rooted relationships within the Irish and UK market to source professional contractors that provide an impact when you need it most. Check out our Hiring & Rate Guide for contract hiring and contract staffing.


What is Contractor Hiring in Recruitment?

Professional and skilled contractors fulfil short-term recruitment needs for a project or long-term absence on a team. IT contractors are typically paid on an hourly or day rate and will not receive the standard company benefits.


What are the Compliance Requirements for Hiring Contractors?

All payroll and compliance matters will be outsourced to Archer Recruitment’s Contract Care Management team executing all background screening, compliance, onboarding and payment processing.

Our Contractor Care team will onboard the contractor and stay in touch with the Day Rate Contractor throughout the duration of the contract. Compliance is a key issue for organisations hiring day rate contractors. For example, we check the validity of the contractor’s entity and also the tax compliance of the contractor’s company. There are also other prescreening of employment history and education provided.  Many of our client companies have specific requirements for their business and we have experience working through the onboarding processes for a range of US, UK and EU-regulated companies.


What is the difference between Contract and Permanent Recruitment?

There are many advantages to hiring day rate contractors. We often find when companies consider the true cost of hiring a permanent employee they find that the advantages below of hiring independent contractors can be very attractive.

Flexibility – A contract hire will allow you to flex your team capability up and down based on requirements at that time, this allows you to increase productivity without long-term commitment or the cost of increasing overall headcount.

Process Managed by Archer Recruitment – We provide a complete end-to-end contract recruitment delivery service. This relationship is managed by a senior member of our team leading the engagement which involves pre-screening candidates, background screening and compliance checks when required, issuing contracts and assisting with onboarding and payroll.

Speed to Hire – A key advantage to opting for contract recruitment is the speed at which you can add additional resources to your team. Often professional contractors are ready to join a new organisation immediately or have a notice period of 1-2 weeks. In addition to this, the standard process for a contract position in Dublin is 1 round of interviews, moving to offer within 24 hours. The average recruitment timeline is 1 week from start to finish for contract recruitment.

Candidate Assessment – Often contractors will join an organisation for an initial 6–12-month period to provide support to a team/ project. At the end of the contract duration, many organisations may wish to convert the contractor to a permanent employee based on their delivery and contribution to the business. This allows the organisation to evaluate their work during this period and opt to move forward with a permanent offer or allow the engagement to come to a natural conclusion.


Access to Specialist or Niche Tech Skills

Many organisations may not need a specific skill set in their organisation permanently, making contract recruitment an excellent option as they gain access to some of the best IT talent in the market. Contract candidates tend to specialise in one core area, for example, Software Development, QA Automation, Cloud Engineering, etc, and then become an expert within that space, taking on complex projects and delivering to an organisation within a short timeframe.

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