Product Owner Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

The role of the Product Owner is a relatively fast-growing specialisation within the software development life cycle. In recent times the growth in the number of software companies has made the role of Product Owner position more widespread and provided more career opportunities for people with these types of often broad skills.

The position of Product Owner was once found only in software product development companies but now it can be found in many different organisations such as financial services or organisations with their own internal or external software applications/software product. These organisations often called the role “Business Analyst” but with the wide adoption of agile software development methodologies and the need for these businesses to have customer-focused software applications and increasing digital applications, there has been significant demand for the product owner skill set.

Product Owners come from a range of different backgrounds and the career path intersects in several other areas that Archer recruits for including Business Analysts and Project Managers.

What is the Career Journey for Product Owners?

We find Product Owners can complete a range of functions and we would be pleased to take the time to understand your full range of skills. For example, we appreciate some Product Owners, ensure that the agile team knows what to do and follows the Product Roadmap and we understand that a product owner may be working more strategically to define the product roadmap. We also have those types of roles under the Product Manager. Often a Product Owner will further develop their career as a Product Manager, Scrum Master, or Project Manager.


Key Certifications and Qualifications to have for Product Owner Jobs

In regards to professional qualifications for product owners, at this stage, there is no clearly defined specific qualification or certification for the profession. Product Owners can come from a range of backgrounds. The key certification presently is training in an agile software development environment. There are some specialised courses in this area, such as Certified Scrum Product Owner, however, it isn’t demanded at this stage.

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