Archer Recruitment - Kieran Tumulty

Kieran leads our data & software engineering recruitment practices. He became the first person to be made a Partner in Archer Recruitment in 2019. He is a specialist Data Analytics recruiter – he created our data analytics practice which has grown into one of our core areas of focus.

Before transitioning to recruitment, Kieran’s professional background is in adult education & training. He completed a law degree in UCC and he is also a proud Waterford native. He is always happy to share knowledge with companies who want to improve their recruitment process and candidates who need assistance with their job search.

+353 1 649 8510

Business Intelligence & Data Analysis Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

In Ireland, Archer Recruitment has a regular pool of opportunities for business Intelligence & data analysis professionals. Our team of consultants are specialists in this field and can assist you in finding the right opportunities and best utilize your expertise in BI and Data Analysis.

Also, we provide day-rate contract positions and permanent opportunities. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about business intelligence and data analysis career opportunities in Ireland.

Key Tech in Demand in Business Intelligence & Data Analyst Jobs

Business Intelligence (BI) allows companies to understand more about their business, and it allows organisations to capitalize on their data and gain insights that help the company make well-informed decisions.

We are living in a data-driven world. The power of data enables us to comprehend and address problems that develop in all facets of our lives. Expertise in business intelligence and data analysis is in demand. It is crucial for all industries to better understand their organisations, customers, and people. The demand for business intelligence and data analytics experts in Dublin continues to gain traction.

Business Intelligence includes business processes, data analysis, and data visualization. The tools used for each business intelligence and data analysis depend on the company’s requirements. It is crucial to know how to manage data using database tools like Excel and SQL. Knowledge of Data Analysis technologies that provide machine learning solutions are also becoming more in demand among BI Analysts in Dublin, Ireland.


What does a Career Path look like for a Business Intelligence & Data Analyst?

In Dublin and globally, when it comes to IT jobs people who are keen to study data and want to give it an actionable outcome enjoy Business Intelligence and data analysis fields. Jobs and career opportunities in these fields are continuing to expand and evolve.  A career might start as a junior data analyst. Then, you can get promoted to a business intelligence developer or an analytics engineer.

The managerial roles in business intelligence and data analysis-related jobs are titled data engineer, senior BI engineer, business analyst manager, machine learning engineer, data-focused business analyst, BI analyst, BI developer, BI consultant, data scientist, and business intelligence consultant. Ultimately, you can be a director or head of the relevant department.

At Archer, we aim to cater to all levels of IT jobs professionals in Ireland. If you have the passion and relevant skills, you are at the right place. We offer unique job openings in Dublin, Ireland.


Other Key Certifications for a Business Intelligence & Data Analyst

There is a broad range of technologies and tools used in this area.  Certifications can be valuable in the recruitment process and there is a range of BI Certifications depending on the tool you specialise in.  Microsoft has a well-developed certification program and its tools are used by many organisations.

People from various educational backgrounds, such as finance, management, and engineering are choosing business intelligence and data analysis as career paths. The ability to collect, analyse, and interpret data will drive productivity.

If you’re a candidate looking to expand your skills in the field of business intelligence and data analysis or you’re looking to enhance your career, get in touch with one of our consultants or have a look at our latest IT Salary Survey and see what salaries bands are on offer and how the business intelligence market is.