Data Scientist & Data Engineering Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

Archer Recruitment has a team of dedicated Data scientists and Data engineering recruitment consultants. We have a strong track record of placing data scientists and data engineers. We have clients in Dublin and all over Ireland with positions ranging from global technology giants to financial services, banks and insurance firms.  All aiming to become data-driven decision-makers, and other smaller technology startups producing Machine Learning and AI-driven products.

Data science in Ireland, by 2026 the demand for data science skills will drive a 27.9% increase in employment in this field. There is a demand for data scientists but also a noteworthy scarcity of trained data scientists.

Reach out to our team of specialised consultants to discuss your career goals and potential opportunities if you’re a data scientist, machine learning engineer, data engineer, or a leader in this sector interested in exploring career options in Ireland.

Key Tech in Demand in Data Scientist & Data Engineer Jobs

Data science is used by computing specialists to collect, structure, store, manage, and analyse data. It is a crucial resource for enterprises to allow for data-driven decision-making. Your Amazon purchases, Facebook feed, Netflix recommendations and even the facial recognition required to sign in to your phone are, based upon data. Organisations can gather large amounts of data, but they need the right people and technology to ensure that the data is of use by the time it reaches data scientists and analysts. 


What does the Career Journey look like for a Data Scientist & Data Engineer?

In Dublin and worldwide, data science is a profitable and satisfying professional path. However, the pathway to launching or progressing in a data science or analytics job is not always straightforward. In recent years, data availability has increased dramatically so has the demand for data science skills and data-driven decision-making. Thanks to the severe shift in corporate operations and consumer behaviour induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, analytics, and data science have served as crucial navigational tools across industries and functions.

Data engineering isn’t usually a junior position in Dublin and across Ireland. On the other hand, many data engineers begin their careers as software engineers or business intelligence analysts. As your career progresses, you may be promoted to management positions or work as a data architect, solutions architect, or machine learning engineer. 


Other Key Certifications for a Data Scientist and Data Engineer

A certification can help future employers recognise your abilities, and studying for a certification exam is an opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge. Associate Big Data Engineer, Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer, IBM Data Science & Data Engineer certificate and Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer are some of the certifications available.