.NET Developer / C# Engineer Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

We recruit at all levels of the .NET Development space across Dublin and Ireland, so if you are looking for your first job, a second job or fifth job, we can offer you our professional assistance!

.NET is a rapidly expanding market in the Irish IT sector and has seen the demand for .NET Developers increase significantly in 2021. We work with a range of companies in the software sector, financial services, consulting and other local and international corporations.

If you’re a .NET Engineer/Developer/Architect/Technical Lead searching for job openings, reach out to our team of specialist consultants any time to talk about your career goals and available opportunities. If salary is something you want to learn more about, check out our recent IT Salary Survey.

Some of the .NET Development and C# Engineer positions we recruit for are Junior .NET Developer, Mid-level .NET Developer, Senior .NET Developer, .NET Architect, and .NET Technical Lead, among similar jobs. For more Web Development job opportunities and job postings click here.

Key Tech in Demand in .NET Developer / C# Engineer Jobs

Demand for candidates with back-end skills in .NET Core, Azure/AWS Cloud, and Microservices is growing. The ever-expanding use of cloud technology has seen the demand for .NET Developers with skills in cloud technology increase, particularly in Azure but also for AWS cloud technologies. Notably, Full Stack .NET developers with strong front-end skills, including strong knowledge of Angular and React, are also hugely desirable in this job market today.

Hiring companies in Ireland are interested in those software engineers who use best practices around Agile methodologies and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines. Moreover, many companies are migrating from monolithic architecture to microservices architecture, with some companies furthering this and using containerisation tools like Docker and Kubernetes, making candidates with this knowledge more attractive.


What does the Career Journey for a .NET Developer / C# Engineer look like?

Due to the high demand for .NET software developers, there are good career growth opportunities for those seeking permanent jobs. The contract .NET market is also strong with companies seeing the benefits of both short and long-term contract positions.

Depending on the technology stack one is working with, there are some key certifications that can be accessed and completed online. It is clear that cloud computing is a valuable skill with many .NET houses now implementing this technology. Having certifications like Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certified, Microsoft Azure Developer Certified, or AWS Certified Developer coupled with commercially proven experience in a cloud platform (Azure, AWS, or GCP) and similar proven experience will help candidates stand out.


Other Key Certifications for .NET Developer / C# Engineer / Web Developer

A swing to Microservices Architecture is becoming more popular in recent times along with good knowledge and understanding of Microservices Foundations.