Node.js Developer Recruitment and Jobs in Ireland

You need to remember that Node.js is not a framework and it’s not a programming language. Most people are confused and understand it’s a framework or a programming language. We often use Node.js for building back-end services like APIs like Web App or Mobile App. It’s used in production by large companies such as Paypal, Uber, Netflix, Walmart, and so on.

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Career Path and Journey as a Node.js Developer

At the entry-level, most people start as front-end developer who builds applications using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Then to make things more powerful and convenient, additional technologies need to be incorporated into the project and Node.js is one such technology. After spending 5-6 years as a senior developer with this technology candidates are usually promoted as team lead, scrum master, architect, and product owner. Those who prefer to move towards management-based roles usually become people managers, team managers or line managers.

Many people also start their own startups or consulting businesses. Some go for blogging, online and classroom-based tutorials as well as teaching and book writing.

App development, game development, and product development can also be exciting career options for such Node.js professionals.