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Archer Recruitment Ireland Salary Survey September 2022

Salary Survey Guide Sep ’22

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Salary Survey September 2022 for IT, Data and Business Change – Ireland

The first 6 months of 2022 have passed at the rapid pace that we have become accustomed to in recent years. As we emerged from the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, the Irish technology hiring market entered a buoyant period, characterised by plentiful hiring & candidate movement. International events (the war in Ukraine and the adjustment in the US stock market most notably) have played a role in some changes to the market in Q2, which appears to be ushering in a period of higher availability of IT candidates at more moderate salaries.

In 2021 and early 2022, many of the biggest players in the market for software engineering candidates were highly funded US technology companies (with the crypto space well represented). The change in the US stock market saw some of these organisations stop hiring and quickly make layoffs in a short period of time. There are still ample fantastic career opportunities in the Irish market for candidates, and it will mean that the rest of 2022 is a great time for other companies to pick up and attract top-tier talent.

We have observed strong growth in the medical and health technology space in Ireland so far in 2022 – it certainly seems to be a space to keep an eye on (and one that is particularly attractive to IT candidates). As of July 2022, the vast majority of companies in the Irish IT market have firmed up and are in the process of executing their post-covid office vs. remote working strategy. The largest segment of organisations has adopted a hybrid model, with significant groups on both the “fully remote” and “fully in office” ends of the spectrum.

The companies having the most success at bringing their teams together in the office are scheduling meaningful, in-person interactions on the days that they are asking people to come in. People are unsurprisingly hesitant to travel to an office building to work on their own for the day. We are seeing a lot of movement from candidates based on their company’s remote working policy – people are moving to companies that align with their own needs and priorities. We expect this to settle down in time when people and companies become used to the post-pandemic environment and are clear on what their own approach needs to be.

Finally, we have seen the demand for IT contractors in Ireland continue to grow, following the trend in 2021 and heading into 2022. While the demand has always been strong in financial services, banking and insurance, there is a growing market within technology companies in Dublin, particularly those looking to scale teams quickly.


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Archer Recruitment is a specialist IT Recruitment Agency in Dublin, Ireland.

We compile this salary survey from 20,000 people in IT, Data and Business Change. We also look at the salaries offered by 150 companies and government organisations across Ireland.

We consider trends in the US, which have a significant impact on IT Jobs and Employment in Ireland. We also consider local information and statistics from the ERSI.

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