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Archer Recruitment Ireland Salary Survey April 2023

IT Salary Survey Guide Apr ’23

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Salary Survey April 2023 for IT, Data, and Business Change in Ireland

In Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, we experienced a fast pivot in market conditions in the IT jobs market in Ireland. The majority of 2022 saw an extremely buoyant market, with the demand for hiring far exceeding the supply in many areas of IT. This resulted in fierce competition for talent: salaries and daily rates rose, and companies offered increasingly flexible remote working policies to secure the people they needed. A great time for people to make a career move, and a challenging time to hire.

The Technology sector in particular is going through a period of changing conditions. Tech share prices have taken a hit, quickly followed by layoffs in many technology companies (particularly big-name, public US-based companies).

VC-funded tech startups have also adopted a more cautious strategy, funding is not as easy to secure, which drives a need for a longer cash runway and slower growth strategy. Other companies are taking a breather on hiring after making a lot of hires earlier in the year, adopting a “wait and see” approach to market conditions.

The impact of this in the Irish IT jobs market is a somewhat smaller pool of companies hiring. Salaries on offer have moved closer to where they were in early 2022, with the market having a much better balance of supply and demand. There is still great availability of both IT candidates and job opportunities.

It is far from doom and gloom territory as the layoffs and hiring freezes have largely been contained in the tech company sector. The banking, insurance, and financial services sectors rival the tech sector in size, and we have not seen a decline in hiring in those sectors. Companies that are in a position to continue hiring are enjoying a less competitive and busy market, and securing great talent at lower salaries and rates compared to last year.

The remote working vs. hybrid vs. in-office conversation still continues 3 years after the beginning of the pandemic. Over the last 6 months, we have observed that the majority of companies in the IT market settling on a hybrid model (either 2 or 3 days in the office). A small proportion has opted for fully in the office, and a larger number opted for 1 day per week or less in the office.

Finally, we have seen demand for IT contractors in Ireland continue to rise, continuing the pattern that began in 2021 and will continue into 2023. While demand has always been high in financial services, banking, and insurance, there is a growing market in Dublin and across Ireland among technology companies, especially those looking to rapidly scale teams.


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