Why did you get into recruitment?

Like many people, I “fell” into recruitment. I was moving to Dublin after spending a year in Malta and a friend suggested I explore recruitment as a career choice. My first interview in Dublin was with Archer – I knew straight away that it was the right company and the right career for me.

What do you enjoy most about the role?

My role is very diverse and I enjoy all of the individual components (recruiting, business development, account management, training, leadership etc.) but what really keeps me engaged is the excitement and sense of satisfaction when you achieve your goals. Filling a tough role for a client, helping a candidate make a great career move, landing a new client, helping recruiters improve and progress in their careers … You can make a real difference in people’s lives and valuable contributions to your client’s business.

Tell us about your journey through recruitment?

I joined Archer when I was 23, a year after graduating from UCC. I started recruiting business analysts in Dublin, working closely with Josh Linton, one of the founders of Archer. After a successful first year, I started the Business Intelligence and Analytics desk. It was a great opportunity to create a new business area for the company, and I’ve really enjoyed growing it over the last 4 years. At the same time, I took on the business development trainer role. We have a structured training program that I deliver to new recruiters. It’s very rewarding to help guide people through their first couple of months in recruitment, and see their skills develop. I moved into a leadership role in my 3rd year and now I lead the Data Analytics team and the Software Engineering recruitment team, as well as running my own desk and delivering training. I’ve been lucky to work with a fantastic group of talented people; my role is to support and help them in reaching their potential. I was offered the opportunity to become a Partner in Archer at the end of last year.

What tips would you give for someone considering a career in agency recruitment?

Talk to people who work in the industry (someone from your network, or companies that you’re applying to join). Figure out what type of agency will best suit you, and be selective about the company you join. Look for somewhere with a culture that fits with your values, good training and successful recruiters to learn from.

What has been your most memorable moment with Archer Recruitment?

I’m going to have to choose 4 … The 4 company ski trips I’ve been on since joining Archer. We do this as a reward for hitting targets and I think most of my colleagues will agree with me on this one.


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