Why should I become a Successful IT Recruitment Consultant in Ireland?

Most people can be a recruitment consultant if they desire it. It is a mix of a broad range of skills and often suits people who are good all-rounders or generalists where they enjoy a broad range of tasks.

Being a successful recruitment consultant is about attitude. If you are positive and you have goals, then recruitment can be a wonderful and rewarding career.


What are some of the skills a recruitment consultant will be developing on a daily basis will involve:


Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing is about understanding who your target market is and how you are going to communicate with them. You will identify what mediums to use and what is interesting for them.


Digital Marketing in Recruitment

This is a significant growth area for Recruitment Consultants. At Archer Recruitment, we have developed a Training Course on how to assist our recruiters to build video marketing campaigns and other social media content creation tools for platforms such as LinkedIn.


Advertising for Recruitment

If you have strong English written skills, this will be a major advantage for you in recruitment. The best recruitment consultants write advertisements every day for job board platforms such as Irish Jobs. At Archer Recruitment, we invest significantly in advertising. We have a major advertising budget and we continually invest in training our recruitment consultants on how to write results-orientated advertising content to attract prospective candidates.


Sales in Recruitment Consulting

Recruitment has some sales in it. The role is about 20% sales and the great thing about sales in the recruitment industry is that it is full-cycle sales. For example, many large companies now have sophisticated sales processes where, unfortunately, salespeople are pigeonholed in an area of the sales process such as inside sales. However, in recruitment, you will make contact with prospective clients via the phone, meet with them onsite and present to them. Also, you will develop Account Management skills. We need to be able to provide our candidates with the best jobs, so we do need to sell our recruitment services to the most attractive companies or most interesting vacant positions.


The Entrepreneurial Skills for Recruiters

An interest in business and market trends is a really useful skill to develop. The best Recruitment Consultants develop their understanding of business and human behaviour and thus, continue to develop professionally. Many Recruiters sometimes consider recruitment as like running their own business. The best recruitment consultants will be actively developing their knowledge of the world of business over their careers.


Relationship Building for a Recruiter

This is the fun part and it really sets the job of being a recruitment consultant apart from many careers. You have to enjoy people and interacting with them. Many recruitment consultants fail in this area because they don’t fully appreciate that the role isn’t transactional. It is about building trust with people over a long period of time. It is about meeting people, staying in touch with people, adding value to their careers and their companies.


Administration and  Data Management in Recruitment

The recruitment industry is often described as a relationship business. This is true, but the same should be said that recruitment is an information business. The best recruiters are good administrators, they enjoy being organised, structured and managing valuable information about people and businesses. Recruitment Consultants need to understand the important details and requirements for a company or a candidate, so recruitment processes are as efficient and effective for candidates and clients.


How do I become a Recruitment Consultant?

Archer Recruitment hires people based on their alignment with our principles of culture, not just on experience or skills. Archer Recruitment has a structured training programme to develop the skills required to become a successful IT Recruitment Consultant.

If you would like to consider developing your skills and becoming a recruitment consultant, please feel free to contact us.

Archer is a specialist IT Recruitment Consultancy and we train people to best practice and the highest standards. Joining Archer Recruitment is best suited to people who are on a “Journey to Excellence”, as one of our principles of culture states.

Archer will train people about the area of IT and Technology that they are recruiting in so you don’t need to come from an IT background but rather you will need the ability to learn and absorb the training.

For those people who are interested in recruiting in other industries, there are also some other great training programmes with Access Healthcare. They operate in the high demand and fast-growing area of Healthcare Recruitment.

If you are interested in joining the Recruitment Industry as a finance recruitment consultant then it is worth considering Engage People. They are a high growth Recruitment Agency, led by Paul McClatchie who has over 20 years of experience.

There are also other opportunities to become a recruitment consultant on Irishjobs.ie, however many of these recruitment positions are looking for a specific skill set.

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