C++ continues to be a stalwart technology for many organisations and if anything over the last 12 months there has been an increase in the number of vacancies in this specialism. It is common for companies to value the experience of multithreading more highly and knowledge of Boost libraries is also in demand.

Over the preceding 6 months, C++ developers have had more career opportunities than at the same time a year before. The growth in demand has resulted in both increases in salaries by up to 10% and more companies having to help relocate international candidates into the Irish market.

The organisations that use C++ as a primary software engineering language vary across multiple business sectors while sharing the common thread of need to building software that is stable and efficient which includes financial services, robotics, telecommunications industry, semiconductor producers and more.

Two of the candidate trends that we have seen are, a desire to gain exposure to AI and for many C++ engineers to add strong Python skills to their toolset.

Having a genuine enthusiasm for the C++ language and software engineering as a whole is a mentality companies prize and are willing to invest in.


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