There has been continued growth in demand through 2021 for experienced leaders in technology. As Software engineering teams have been growing, the need for leaders has been keeping pace. The drive towards Agile, DevOps, product-oriented engineering and SRE aware engineering teams all have a part to play in an engineering management role.

The broader pent-up hiring needs that were paused during the pandemic are still playing catch up but the biggest driver of the current demand is the unprecedented levels of investment in Ireland as a go-to destination for engineering.

With travel back on the cards for European citizens, we’re seeing more talent relocating here again and when this is combined with the newly learned ability companies have of leading remote teams, it enables people to relocate to anywhere in Ireland which is another boost for growing the talent pool in Ireland as a whole.

In the last 6 months, we have started to see some innovative approaches to attracting top talent such as sign-on incentives, as well as more significant LTIPs (Long Term Incentive Plans). Using these tools to attract candidates is being balanced by companies working ever harder to retain their top talent and every offer is met with a counteroffer.

The most motivating factors for candidates are typically opportunities to learn and grow, to be part of a journey they believe in and can get behind, to have real influence and a voice in decision making and lastly work/life balance and flexibility.

When companies recruit, they are often looking for leaders with experience in scaling teams, bringing structure and process to high growth settings and increasing the ability to function at both a tactical day to day level as well as at a strategic big picture level.

Since senior-level leaders have had time to adapt to the remote work setting, many of them see a hybrid working model or remote-first as being the most viable approach going forward and many of them understand that in order for them to be able to build teams, they will need to offer this to be competitive.


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