Python, Node.js & PHP Developer Jobs Market April 2023

Python remains a prominent aspect of most tech stacks in some way – in data science, data engineering, DevOps, or test automation. Django and Flask are the most commonly used web frameworks, and cloud-native software engineering on AWS (GCP & Azure also) is becoming more desirable. Node.js remains a more niche language, however, it is becoming more adaptable in financial services and scaling technology companies.

The Python/Node.js pool have been slightly impacted by the market changes in the tech industry within the last 6 months. The demand for engineers in international technology companies has lessened slightly due to tech shares taking a hit and redundancies ensuing in household names.

As a result of this, salaries have stabilised and engineers are making parallel moves as opposed to moving roles for significant salary increases. With that said, there has been a growing demand for both Python and Node.js engineers in sectors including cybersecurity, financial services, and payments companies.

Due to recent shifts in the market, engineers are prioritising long-term employee security and career progression when moving positions. Additionally, engineers are generally excited about the prospect of scaling products at an early stage using a modern tech stack.

Having the opportunity to upskill with other tools and languages is also something that is appealing to individuals when on the hunt for a new opportunity. On the flip side, companies are looking for employees that are motivated and keen to take on new challenges where they can enhance their skills further.

Typically, compensation packages in this space would be pretty comprehensive, usually involving healthcare coverage, bonuses, pensions, stock options, and wellness allowances. Remote working remains a hot topic in this market and companies that can be flexible on time spent in the office are often putting themselves in a strong position to secure the interest of skilled software engineers.

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