Python, Node.js & PHP Developer Market September 2022

In recent years Python and NodeJS have grown in popularity, considerably in the Irish software engineering world. Python in particular is closing the gap between Java and .Net as a back-end software engineering language of choice.

Python’s flexibility means it is finding its way into most companies’ technology stacks in some way – in data science, data engineering, DevOps or test automation. We see strong demand for python engineers in technology companies and international financial services organisations. Django and Flask are the most commonly used web frameworks, and cloud-native software engineering on AWS is growing in popularity.

NodeJS remains a more niche language, primarily used by software companies in the Irish market. That said, the demand for NodeJS developers is consistent, and developers tend to be passive and tricky to land.

Salaries for both Python and NodeJS developers have increased slightly this year, and it has been a great market for candidates looking to move. Senior and mid-level engineers tend to have options when they decide to move.

Software engineers are often looking for an exciting technical challenge, building something interesting. The technology stack is also important to them – engineers often prefer to work with a modern set of technologies, with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

Remote working is a hot topic in this market, and companies that can be flexible on time spent in the office are often putting themselves in a strong position to secure the interest of skilled software engineers.


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