.Net Developer Jobs Market April 2023

The .Net market has been slightly affected by the recent market change, but there remains a demand for experienced .Net professionals at all levels in the Irish market. Currently, FinTech, pharma, and insurance sectors have ramped up hiring during this time and have benefited from the available talent in the market.

Over the last 6 months, the salary bands have remained consistent at a senior .Net Engineer level due to the market becoming more consistent after the rapid growth over 2020 and 2021. In contrast, mid-level engineer and Technical Lead salaries have grown over the last 12 months to level out and match the senior engineer growth.

The technology stack that is in the highest demand has continued to be .Net Core (.Net 6), SQL, and Azure Cloud. The importance of knowledge in Microservices and CI/CD Pipeline (Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Git, Octopus) have also become staples in the .Net market. Fullstack Engineer roles are typically focused on React or Angular, with Blazor emerging in some sectors.

.Net houses have typically continued operating in an Agile methodology in teams consisting of a Lead, 5x Engineers, a Product Owner/Product Manager, and a QA Automation Engineer/SDET. Currently, the majority of .Net houses have a preference for hiring a mixed team of both backend and frontend experts. There is still a place for Fullstack Engineers but the need is not as prevalent as it was in 2020/2021.

It is becoming increasingly evident that .Net professionals are realising that companies in sectors like fintech which were previously regarded as slow to upgrade to the latest technologies are actually operating at a high level with the latest technologies. This change in perception is now causing developers to be more open to the idea of exploring opportunities in these areas and making the best talent more available.

It’s is clear that the main motivational drivers for .Net experts are a combination of technology, culture, and remote flexibility. Candidates believe that companies offering this mix will facilitate them to grow technically and aid them in reaching their ambitions for their career. This combined with an environment that promotes good work-life balance is an attractive proposition for most .Net professionals.

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