JavaScript Developer Jobs Market April 2023

The JavaScript market has been growing in demand year on year. In Q3 of 2022, the demand for JavaScript Developers was at an all-time high, with plenty of talent available throughout Ireland. The demand for hiring JavaScript developers has decreased in the last 4 months, as companies in the tech sector have reduced hiring plans in software engineering.

Modern JavaScript frameworks are most in demand. They include React, Angular, Vue & Next.js. A demand for TypeScript (a superset of JavaScript) over JavaScript is also growing as companies modernise their technical stacks. In addition, tools such as HTML, CSS, and Redux are essentials in conjunction with a modern framework.

We have observed some subtle changes in the JavaScript market. For one, Vue is evolving and becoming more widely utilised by growing organisations. React has come out on top as the framework that is most frequently adopted. Core JavaScript and old frameworks like jQuery are slowly becoming less of a priority.

In terms of salaries specifically, there has been minor change over the last 6 months but salaries have slightly decreased due to the fewer competition companies are facing to get the top calibre of JavaScript developers.

Companies hiring in this sector now comprise of more startups and mid-sized organisations than multinationals or Big Tech companies, which is different from what we would have seen 6 months ago. Multinationals have limited their hiring whereas startups are booming and attracting many candidates with interesting products, engaging work, and stock options. SaaS companies are continuously hiring JavaScript developers, but at less volume than previously.

Candidates in the JavaScript market are looking for enticing projects and often for roles that specifically use their framework of choice. Often times Angular developers are interested in making the switch to using React and look for positions that will facilitate this change. Apart from that, packages and compensation remain a motivating factor also and for a small cohort of developers, usually, those living outside of Dublin, remote working is a point of attraction.

Hiring companies are interested in speaking to candidates that are working on a cutting-edge tech stack with a desire to learn new tools and ways of working. At all levels of seniority, interpersonal skills are essential, especially for client-facing roles and roles that involve stakeholder management.

Benefit schemes in the JavaScript market tend to include pension schemes, health insurance, stock options, bonus structures, and in certain cases dental care, eye care, and wellness schemes.

An interesting trend to note is the increase in demand for Mobile Developers – specifically “React Native”.

For more information on the current JavaScript jobs market and the latest salary bands, please download our IT Salary Survey below.