JavaScript Developer Market September 2022

The major changes in the JavaScript market over the past 6 months include a slight increase in salaries for JavaScript developers as is expected with the changing market conditions and as an incentive for employee retention. Additionally, more and more developers, based on seniority level, are looking for fully remote positions as they are used to working remotely during Covid-19 and would like to continue doing so for a work-life balance.

With regards to JavaScript development, modern JavaScript framework skills are high in demand (React, Angular, Vue, Ember – in that order). Developers that are framework agnostic or have experience with multiple frameworks typically tend to progress quite quickly. Vanilla JavaScript or Core JavaScript is still a core skill but few roles focus on just that and don’t require framework experience. Additionally, Fullstack JavaScript roles are on the rise and typically use React on the Frontend and Node.js on the Backend.

There is a variety of companies hiring in this sector ranging from small start-ups to organisations gearing towards IPO and large multinationals. Frontend skills are always in demand and Dublin has a very large tech hub so there are always opportunities for Frontend developers.

Candidates in this market are generally looking for organisations with a good work-life balance, interesting work where they can build applications from scratch, and a good compensation package to add to this. Typical benefit schemes include a 10% bonus, pension, healthcare, dental care, flexibility with remote working and stock options.

Clients look for many qualities/skills when hiring. These include some that show curiosity and ability for innovation as well as those who are motivated and have the drive to progress within their organisation and role.

Other skills include the ability to lead a team or mentor more junior developers and of course, experience with modern JavaScript frameworks, preferably React, as this is the most popular framework in the market at present.

Some trends that I have noticed are a move away from Angular to React, as well as more niche frameworks gaining more popularity. Companies using these frameworks (Ember, Vue) are hiring more frequently and in large volumes.


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