Cyber security careers are among the fastest-growing and in-demand fields of IT. It’s a new field that is still expanding. The space offers an engaging career path with a wide range of options for growth and specialization, and as such represents an exciting challenge where candidates can keep expanding their knowledge.

The consistent change of new technology means that there is always a new skill or speciality that is available to learn and become proficient with. Jobs in the space have a direct impact beyond the digital world and are therefore highly rewarding for companies and candidates alike. Data breaches or other incidents can have huge impacts, so finding the right people to protect organizations is extremely important.

A lot of candidates in the Information Security field aren’t already working in the field are devoting their own time to upskill & obtain security certifications like CEH, OSCP, or CompTIA Security + in the hopes that they’ll find companies willing to hire them and give them that foot in the door. Cyber Security engineers and Security Analysts are typically seeking new environments where they’ll be challenged and can expand their technical expertise. The main motivations in this sector are typically opportunities to learn new skills, progress, wider exposure, large-scale projects, having an impact, and a good degree of flexibility.

We’ve seen an increased demand coming from financial and technology companies in the past few months as firms have invested in different aspects of their IT Security. Other companies recruiting in the space lie within the insurance domain or consultancies.

Most organizations have invested in building their Security Operation Centres, and hired more Security Analysts, after an increase in ransomware attacks earlier this year. Other companies have been able to dedicate special resources to larger projects like Enterprise Cloud Security or Application Security.

Information Security policies and frameworks have been a focus for many. Organizations have focused on bringing security policies and controls to maturity, with technology risk and compliance being at the forefront of security programs. Candidates with advanced knowledge of Threat and Vulnerability management, as well as Identity and Access Management, have been in constant demand.

As the demand for security specialists is growing exponentially, companies will need to offer competitive packages as well as remote-work incentives to tip the scales in their favour. Larger technology or financial companies have onboarded highly flexible policies so most organisations will need to follow this model, as well as offer exciting projects to attract the best talent.


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