IT Security Engineer Market September 2022

This year, ransomware attacks have continued on a steady path, with statistics showing ransomware attacks doubled in 2021. As expected, this cyber threat has continued into the first half of 2022. In 2020, the HSE was famously attacked in Ireland while this year, cyber-criminals have worn political hats.

Another trend in the world of Cybersecurity was an increase in phishing and spear-phishing attacks. With the pandemic, attackers have been forced to try new methods to carry out attacks, with their new approach being targeting specific users to steal credentials, data and other information.

To combat these trends, we’ve seen an increase in machine learning and artificial intelligence being used to combat cyber threats. Companies have been using these methods to help understand how threats and malware operate, to then mitigate and prevent these from happening. Another solution has been the use of behavioural analysis.

As security remains one of the key focuses for organisations, many companies are seeking talented security professionals to defend their first lines. Companies in sectors such as financial, tech and SaaS are actively increasing their Security teams. As the demand for these engineers continues on an uphill path, candidates’ desires are being accommodated with highly flexible working arrangements and excellent benefits.

Cloud computing security was found to be the top priority for cybersecurity professionals’ skills development over the next two years. The cyber security cluster in Dublin and Ireland has continued to grow in line with global trends of a growing cybersecurity market. The sector is growing at a rate of 10pc per annum in Ireland and worldwide.

Results of a recent study commissioned by Cyber Ireland, published in May 2022, show that there are more than 450 cybersecurity businesses in the Republic of Ireland that employ close to 7,000 people. In the same report, it was highlighted that there is an expected growth of 17,000 jobs by 2030.


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