IT Network Engineer Market September 2022

Like many other IT fields, we are seeing the role of a Network Engineer evolve and take on a more technical skillset. The fundamentals of traditional Networking are still essential and curtail with the addition of cloud or automation, and in some cases both.

Larger organisations operating on an enterprise scale are utilising cloud network capabilities. This skill set ranges from basic Cloud Network Support troubleshooting issues, to architecting new Cloud Network solutions on a global scale. It’s no surprise that AWS and Azure are the favoured cloud providers amongst many organisations; however, many companies are now opting to not just choose one, but create a multi-cloud environment, having a primary and secondary cloud provider.

This skill set is growing in demand for many organisations, offing the opportunity for Network Engineers to progress and develop their skill set and career.

Due to the growing demand, there has been an increase in the number of candidates looking to upskill in their spare time and complete AWS and Azure training courses. That being said, CCNA and CCNP remain the preferred qualifications for Network Engineers in Ireland, with a cloud qualification being a bonus.

Efficient and repeatable processes are now high on the agenda for many organisations. As this has started to creep more and more into Network Engineering for deployments to Data centres and automation tool building, automation is starting to become a desirable skill set for many organisations, in particular large SAAS providers. The typical skillset is a combination of traditional Network Engineering paired with strong automation or scripting, ideally with Python and Ansible. However, Bash and PowerShell are acceptable in some cases.

With new and unique positions arising in the market for Network Engineers, we are seeing a new generation of Engineers, pushing the boundaries and setting a new standard of Networking across Ireland. This is an exciting time to build a career in this field. Historically, many candidates opted to switch to other fields such as Systems Admin, as Network presented limited career progression opportunities. Now with new career avenues available, a career path in Networking has never been more attractive.

Salaries have remained balanced for traditional Network Engineers, however, those with an additional technical layer (Automation or Cloud experience) will come with an additional cost, similar to any other IT specialism.


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