Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Jobs Market April 2023

The Business Intelligence & Data Analytics market has been one of the more stable ones through the buoyant 2022 and therefore hasn’t seen as much of a change as some others in early 2023. Salaries remained fairly steady last year, with a good balance in supply and demand. We have not observed substantial changes in 2023 just yet. This is a large, well-established sector in Ireland with many interesting opportunities available in different BI and Analytics disciplines, both contract and permanent.

A large share of business intelligence and analytics job opportunities in Ireland are in the banking, insurance and financial services sectors, and these companies are continuing to hire at a steady pace.

Over the last 6 months, we have seen some changes in the types of data professionals most in demand – there has been a surge in demand for business intelligence professionals: ETL, data warehousing, and data visualisation, as well as data analysis.

There is a strong demand for Data Scientists, as ever, but slightly less demand for Data Engineers with more modern technical skill sets. There has been a smaller number of leadership opportunities in this space in the last 6 months, with most companies focusing on hiring individual contributors.

The cloud adoption trend has been growing in pace over the last 5 years, with no signs of slowing. There is now an established candidate pool with both AWS and Azure data engineering and business intelligence skills in Ireland, making it more straightforward for companies to build teams to take them on the journey. PowerBI continues to grow in the market share in Ireland as a Data Visualisation tool.

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