Infrastructure has been going through a transition to the cloud and as such is a market segment that was relatively unaffected by the pandemic. Roles still remained plentiful as the underlying infrastructure remains a crucial element to any business. As companies had to transition to remote working, they further realised the value in having a strong infrastructure underpinning their systems as well as the value of cloud-based systems.

Linux administration and engineering are becoming the default flavour of Unix and the use of Linux in combination with the wholesale transition to cloud-based approaches has continued to fuel the demand in the market with certifications relating to Cloud engineering are becoming more of a standard expectation for companies when they are seeking to hire in this area.

Automation scripting with the likes of BASH, Python, PowerShell or similar is a defining difference for Linux engineers that want to progress furthest in their technical careers with senior-level positions expecting a strong scripting ability. With a steady advancement towards IaC (Infrastructure as Code) from web scaling businesses, there is a growing interest in candidates with knowledge of technologies such as Terraform and Ansible.


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