Infrastructure is continuing to make the shift from on-prem to cloud, with AWS and Azure being the most prominent options, alongside other public cloud options such as IBM cloud. Following the last 12 months, infrastructure has remained a steady division within IT, supporting remote working that is likely to settle for the remainder of 2021 – even with a hybrid model which is sure to present new challenges/obstacles for Infrastructure Engineers to resolve and support.

As security grows in demand there is a new hybrid role emerging seeking a combined skillset of core infrastructure, typically coming from a windows background, developing IT Security – Infrastructure Security Engineer.

This tends to be a sought-after skillset from organisations looking to take back ownership over their security capabilities and bring it back in-house or introduce IT Security policies or procedures for the first time.

This role and skillset sits somewhere between an Infrastructure Engineer and IT Security Engineer, delivering capability on both sides.

Linux remains the most popular OS of choice in the Irish market, and we see a persistent steady demand for Linux systems engineers.

Salaries have remained the same since 2020 and some major changes in this space have been the Cloud and DevOps revolutions, with a majority of companies either integrating these into their technical landscapes or planning to. Engineers that bring these skills to the table are highly valued.

While Red Hat is still the most popular platform that companies look for, experience in Ubuntu is also key. As many cloud platforms (including AWS) are Linux based, Linux is in a strong position for continued future growth.

Engineers who can use different customised commands to set up, run, maintain and troubleshoot work are in major demand.

With the growth in cloud infrastructure, it is becoming more common for Linux Engineers to have some DevOps exposure – particularly with CI/CD pipelines and IaC. Engineers with automation experience (e.g. with Ansible or other automation tech) are in demand for automating installation and monitoring processes.


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