Systems Administrator Jobs Market April 2023

Infrastructure Engineers and System Administrators are more than ever in demand, particularly in the banking, FinTech, finance, and insurance sectors, responsible for driving and managing troubleshooting issues, licensing and updating hardware and software assets across the organisation.

With the increased adoption of cloud-based services, digital transformation and the focus on automation, System Administrators are crucial and in demand which has created opportunities for Infrastructure professionals to step into operational IT roles and develop a lucrative career.

There has been a consistent demand for both Windows and Linux engineers, which has remained largely dependent on each organisation’s preference predominantly impacted by the scale of the organisation. Typical requirements for Linux Administrators are well-versed Linux commands, configuration of software and Shell scripting to manage the system.

Windows Administrators, on the other hand, require strong Active Directory experience to manage user accounts and permissions, troubleshoot common Windows server issues and script in PowerShell to automate processes.

Driving process improvements and automation remain a high priority for 2023 in many organisations, particularly within FinTech and Insurance industries. This has resulted in a higher demand for candidates with strong scripting capabilities, particularly PowerShell, Python, and Bash.

With the above said, the shift to cloud-based services across a variety of sectors has resulted in the need for System Administrators to be equipped with Cloud experience or relevant certifications. There is an increase in candidates with experience in both hybrids or in-house built cloud and public cloud systems, such as Amazon and AWS. Certifications such as AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and Microsoft Certified: Azure – Fundamentals Exam AZ-900 are highly favourable by organisations.

The adoption of remote working solutions and cloud-based solutions has created opportunities for System Administrators to upskill further in Cloud and has created career advancements in areas such as DevOps, particularly more for experienced Linux System Administrators. With the increased demand for secure and reliable remote working, organisations are moving to more centralised and cloud-based solutions which enables the System Administrator to have full control of systems from one standpoint. While the focus is shifting away from traditional hardware and physical repairs, System Administrators should enrich their knowledge in areas such as remote desktop management, Networks and Azure Active Directory.

In the IT industry, System Administrators remain a crucial and in-demand position. Infrastructure and System Administrator roles are a good entry point with a competitive salary that will enable you to carve your career into various operational sectors such as Network, Cyber Security, or DevOps.

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