Senior IT Appointments Market September 2022

Senior IT Appointments are understandably a smaller segment of the market and given that it is estimated that more than 30% of employment in technology is foreign direct investment, historically the most senior positions have not been located here which has been a limiting factor regarding the number of opportunities. Over the last two quarters, there have been signs of a change in this trend. Although not clearly stated, it is feasible that this may be a positive outcome of the proof that remote working can be effective in some cases.

We are seeing more senior-level positions come into Ireland from international organisations and as indigenous organisations are acquired, we are also seeing Ireland-based candidates being appointed to levels of seniority erstwhile rarely seen.

HealthTech, FinTech, RegTech, EdTech and TravelTech are all domains that continue to grow rapidly in presence and scale in Ireland, and unlike some of the more traditional organisations who are more willing to consider executive-level candidates that are moving between industries. These organisations have a stronger focus on disrupting an industry through more divergent thinking than companies may have had in the past.

With some of the more established Crypto and Blockchain focused organisations joining the Irish technology scene, there have been some meteoric rises and falls over the last quarter which can be typical of early-stage markets but doesn’t seem to have been an indication of a downward trend and has allowed other organisations to secure some superb talent along the way.

Global inflation and rises in the cost of living have not yet had a noticeable impact on the growth strategies of many companies and Ireland continues to be a location of choice for candidates across Europe and beyond which is a key component to the continued success of companies located here.

The most attractive candidates are able to demonstrate the ability to build and scale high-performing teams that deliver in a sustainable way. Companies recognise that their teams are their most valuable asset and a senior manager with a proven track record of sustained growth is in the driving seat when it comes to seeking a new position.

On the company side of hiring, the best approach is to streamline the hiring process for time efficiency in order to be set up for success. It is vital to be thorough and comprehensive when vetting candidates but the swifter the process, the higher likelihood of success.


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