The march towards automation has continued in the software testing market is an overarching trend. There is still a place for manual testing (and there always will be) but the area most organisations are looking to invest in is automation. This is a natural consequence of the further acceptance of DevOps as an approach for companies to be able to deliver software.

Since March there has been a marked reduction in activity in the broader QA spectrum which is something we have seen in previous market downturns. Some companies see QA or software testing as an area they are able to either reduce headcount in or stretch resources in, to avoid reducing the software engineering headcount when they have a reduced headcount budget to work with.

Salaries for manual QA roles have been impacted to a small degree but there haven’t been wholesale reductions and the demand for automation skills has bucketed that trend with strong demand and a moderate increase in packages. Having programming skills as a QA Automation Engineer is the sweet spot that companies are seeking.


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