Over the last number of years, we have noted the growing demand for automation capabilities within the Dublin market, a notable change in 2021 has been the shift towards contract hires for Automation Engineers.

Once undervalued by many organisations, Software Testing and Automation Engineers are now highly sought after and commanding salaries and day rates in line with Software Engineers. This is a direct result of Automation Engineers upskilling to Software Developers in Test, and although many hold the title of Automation Engineer/ Senior Automation Engineer their skillset goes far beyond this.

Many Automation Engineers are developing object-oriented code in Java, C#, Python, JavaScript and other languages, working off Spring, Spring boot, Django, Flask and other development frameworks.

There is still a place for the more traditional Automation Engineer delivering a combination of UI and back-end automation through Selenium, Protractor, Cypress and Appium, however candidates salary/ day rate expectations at this level have remained in line with previous years.

Similar to this, Manual Software Testers haven’t seen a change in previous years.


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