The demand for talented Python and NodeJS developers has been noticeably strong at the end of 2021. Companies with clear structures and procedures for remote working have an edge as a candidate-driven market has emerged. Candidates are being contacted on a regular basis and remain very passive.

In line with the start of 2021, we have seen strong growth in demand for Python software engineers at all levels. The majority of engineers are passive and low in supply causing increases in demand and in turn, salaries. Fully remote working options with flexibility gives a firm an edge to attract the best Python engineers.

There is a high demand for mid, senior and leadership Python engineering roles both in the contract and permanent space.

There has been a noticeable increase in demand for NodeJS (Server-side) engineers, at all levels. The emergence of cloud technologies such as AWS, GCP and Azure paired with NodeJS microservices, has seen a large rise in the demand for NodeJS engineers. Due to its relatively new emergence, there seems to be a stronger demand for NodeJS engineers versus Supply. Remote working options and hybrid flexibility has also impacted a firm’s ability to attract the best NodeJS engineers.

The emergence of US-based start-ups and multinational companies relocating to Ireland and broadening their EU capabilities has seen the cost of labour increase.


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