The demand for .Net Developers / Engineers / Architects has been strong and consistent over the first 6 months of 2021. Companies have begun to switch to a hybrid model, with many companies switching to a two or three-day work from home model. This tends to be popular with software engineers in particular.

There has been more of a demand on the permanent market which has seen the salaries of Engineers and Architect’s slightly increase due to the market demand. The most commonly sought-after profile is that of a backend focused software engineer, at both mid and senior levels.

Many .Net houses have specialist back and frontend engineers, with teams comprised of backend .Net developers and frontend JavaScript developers.

The technology stack in highest demand is .Net Core, SQL, Microservices and MS Azure. This has caused candidates with this stack to command a strong salary.

In recent years, we have seen large numbers of .Net software engineering organisations change their way of working to Agile, cross-functional “squad” setups. The most common configurations is a Squad Lead (often a principal software engineer), 2 – 4 software engineers, a DevOps engineer, a Product Owner and a test automation engineer.

These companies ideally look for candidates with experience in a similar environment.


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