The 2021 jobs market for JavaScript developers in Ireland remains strong. As one of the most in demand skillsets throughout 2020, we have seen a noticeable uptick in demand in 2021 (along with an associated edging forward in salaries).

JavaScript is an almost ubiquitous language for companies building software (primarily on the front end), which results in a consistent flow of hiring requirements and a similarly large number of software engineers with JS skills in Ireland.

Angular and React are the two frontend frameworks of choice, with a smaller selection of organisations opting for Ember, Vue or others. The employer landscape is quite diverse here, with small, medium and large sized organisations, across all industry verticals.

In 2021, we have seen particular demand in technology organisations – established players like Workday and Hubspot, alongside well-funded “scale-ups” like Toast, Flipdish and Personio and smaller start-ups.

There has been a striking rise in the demand for NodeJS engineers due to its cost-effective advantages for companies and its help in dealing with scalability. This paired with a surge in the use of cloud technologies has seen the demand for NodeJS developers increase.

Flexible organisations that have adapted particularly well to remote working are playing that card to gain an advantage in securing talented JavaScript engineers. For companies that can make it work, offering fully remote flexibility can help secure a higher level of talent, or save a little on compensation. While it is not for everyone, a substantial group of software engineers now regard it as one of the most important factors in deciding on their next career move.


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