The Java Software Engineer market was one of the most resilient to the industry-wide slowdown in hiring as a result of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. While hiring did slow down drastically, Software Engineer hiring was first to bounce back.

Off the back of an 18-month period where hiring Java Developers became increasingly difficult and costly, many organisations had a backlog of requirements to hire for. Financially stable and fast adapting companies designed a remote recruitment and onboarding process and found that the hiring market was less competitive.

Salaries have remained steady, but the supply and demand ratio for Java Developers is much more balanced. There is strong demand in particular for back end Java developers with microservices, Spring Boot and cloud experience, as well as full-stack engineers with experience in Angular or React.

The contract market slowed down considerably from March onwards, but particularly in Q3 2020, where we have seen a steady increase in contract hire. Daily rates have reduced compared to 2020, with many Java contracts being pitched in the 400 – 450 per day region.


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