The Java Developer jobs market in Ireland was one of the strongest throughout 2020 and continued to pick up pace in 2021. There is a particularly large talent pool of Java developers in Dublin, as Java has long been the most popular language of choice for companies here.

It remains a very popular career choice for computer science graduates in Ireland, and we are aided by a pipeline of people relocating here from Europe, India and Brazil (among others), with the tendency of software engineers to seek a move to facilitate learning and exposure to new technologies. The confluence of these factors results in a fluid, yet competitive market.

The adoption of cloud technologies, DevOps and newer Java frameworks (Spring Boot most notably) in recent years has driven demand for Developers with Java, AWS and Spring Boot skills, with many organisations also valuing experience with tools such as Docker, Kubernetes and other DevOps technologies. Full stack developers, with Angular or React skills remain highly sought after.

Salaries and daily rates have both moved slightly north compared to 2020, with daily rates making the larger move. This reflects the marked increase in contract hiring in the Java space.

When looking to hire in a competitive market like this one, it is well worth assessing and if possible, improving your offering. Aside from compensation, Java developer candidates frequently request remote working flexibility (the more the better), career progression paths, exposure to new technologies and support for learning and development.

The speed of your recruitment process can play a major part in success or failure. We would recommend aiming to keep it as lightweight as possible, removing any unnecessary steps and ensuring that technical tests are reasonably short.


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