IT remains the backbone of any organisation and investing in the right people to look after this area is critical. Over the past two years, the need for IT Support has been highlighted very well. Many companies made the switch to remote working easily and efficiently, while others struggled without the right IT plans.

Technical experts in this field are a key talent pool in the Irish market, with almost every company needing some sort of support for their day-to-day IT tasks. IT Support candidates have been in constant demand since the start of the pandemic with no signs of slowing down.

As IT departments have begun to return to normal, some companies have decided to invest in creating new support teams instead of using managed services. There’s been a constant demand for both IT and Application Support Engineers. As the interest in IT grows across the country, support roles have become a stepping stone for many candidates looking for their first role in the field. Level 1 support is a great opportunity for candidates to begin their careers, with most companies offering progression to more technical roles like System Administrator or Network Engineers.

Programming languages aren’t always required for application support roles but we’ve seen a growth in the demand for candidates with a good understanding of SQL, Java, .Net or front-end development. Many organisations are growing their application support teams at lower levels and investing in candidates that could progress to development. Indeed, the most common career path for application support engineers seems to be software development or IT Consultant roles.


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