IT Security Engineer Jobs Market April 2023

With Cybersecurity being such a broad and in-demand industry, organisations generally require well-rounded individuals who have experience engaging with a variety of aspects in the field of cybersecurity.

Employers have been requesting more of an on-site office presence from their employees at all levels. Since the pandemic, there has been increased commentary on the remote vs hybrid working environment debate, with many employers expecting people in the office at least one time per week.

The number of fully remote roles has decreased significantly with most employers opting for a split between on-site and remote work. They have increased, no doubt. Especially in the cyber security industry, candidates know they are now more than ever in demand, which has led to a 5-10% increase in salary depending on the level of expertise required.

With this industry being relatively fresh and having surged in importance over the last 15 years, it has become a necessity for companies to have cybersecurity policies in place. They are implemented to limit the negative impact that malicious cyber attacks have on the systems and to hopefully wipe them out down the line.

It has become paramount for all companies to hire quality cybersecurity professionals and most organisations are looking to bolster their ranks with new IT Security personnel.

From a candidate’s perspective, many cybersecurity professionals are searching for stable companies offering long-term career progression and interesting projects.

The most sought-after skillset within this field is a technical or networking background paired with hands-on cybersecurity experience focusing on either blue-team or red-team activities.

In addition to this for more senior positions some level of accreditation is required, the two most noted in our experience are CISSP and CISM.

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