Network and Security has been one of the winners in recent times. As the world transitioned to remote working there was a renewed emphasis for companies to shore up their networking and security teams as yawning gaps were exposed that needed to be addressed hastily.

The additional stress on internal networks and security weaknesses exposed the underinvestment at the strategic level which has resulted in a correction in this area at a senior level as well as at a hands-on engineering level to attacks. There has been an upsurge in organisations security hiring particularly at senior level as a result.  Senior security roles are looking for CISP certification (or equivalent) as essential requirements rather than desirable.

Network engineering roles are often now seeking candidates with experience and certifications in the security domain. In addition, the progression towards automation scripting is picking up the pace which is another area an exceptional candidate can demonstrate additional value. The combination of the advancements and progression in this area has resulted in salaries making a slight upswing over the course of the year.


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