DevOps, Cloud Engineers and SREs continue to be highly prized hires and therefore a particularly competitive space to secure talent in. The disruption of 2020 has not only failed to dampen the market but it has actually further driven demand.

The tide of momentum towards “operational excellence”, Agile and CICD are all positive market forces in this regard. When combined with the accelerated shift towards SaaS and cloud-native software platforms it is largely a matter of when rather than if companies need to hire for these roles.

DevOps engineers that can build CI/CD pipelines, automate deployments, containerise, build internal tools and have deep knowledge of AWS, Azure or GCP are the hottest tickets in town and companies are willing to pay a premium to secure them. SREs with programming or scripting skills that can help to automate come at a premium as the SRE market has held steady throughout the year.


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