Product Owner roles have gradually been rising in popularity along with the Agile adoption over the last number of years. 2020 saw a broadly similar pattern albeit allowing for a somewhat subdued period over the summer.

The market sentiment continues towards reshaping businesses towards Agile resulting in a leaning towards Product Owner as a required role. This said there is still a very large portion of the market that retains an interest in the more established role of Business Analyst and in some cases in combination with Product Owner roles.

The events of 2020 have resulted in a stagnation of salaries but no significant softening. The reduction in market activity for permanent positions has been balanced with a high level of interest in contract opportunities so the supply and demand balance of the market has remained aligned this year.

Product Management is an area that has further grown in importance as the need to spot market trends and directions in a changing landscape has been more crucial than ever before.

This said there hasn’t been a significant change in salaries in this area. One of the hottest spaces for such roles is the software industry which has seen a continuation of companies opening engineering centres and European HQs in Ireland.


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