BI & Data Analytics Market September 2022

So far in 2022, the demand for data analytics and business intelligence professionals has been quite balanced – there are great opportunities available for candidates interested in a career move, but salaries and daily rates have remained stable. There is a deep and growing talent pool in this space in Ireland and companies in all sectors hiring.

The most in-demand skill sets are data and business intelligence engineers with experience building cloud-based systems. There is a similar level of demand for AWS and Azure, with Google Cloud Platform and other providers lagging some way behind. We have seen more adoption of cloud-native data engineering stacks, heavily utilising AWS and Azure services such as S3, Redshift, Databricks, Synapse and so on.

PowerBI continues its march towards market dominance, with more companies migrating to it every quarter. The talent pool of PowerBI developers in Ireland has started to catch up – it has previously been a particularly hard to find skill set, but there is now a healthy availability of engineers with PowerBI skills.

As ever, companies in Ireland are introducing new data technologies into their stack. Snowflake is standing out as a database being adopted by numerous organisations (often migrating from Teradata or Oracle on-premise solutions).


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