It has been a fascinating year for the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics hiring market in Dublin. Like many sectors, there has been no shortage of available opportunities for candidates interested in a career move. This has mainly been driven by organisations investing in improving their data technology and by new companies entering the market in Dublin. We have seen a greater amount of “strategic” hiring than in 2020 – companies are building teams and hiring talented engineers and analysts to tackle substantial long-term goals.

The trend towards cloud technologies has been picking up speed for several years, but in 2021 it has gone into overdrive in Ireland. AWS based data platforms with Redshift or Snowflake, along with services like S3, EC2 and EMR have become a popular choice, along with MS Azure with Data Factory, Azure SQL, Synapse and other services. There is consistently strong demand for experienced, backend data engineers with these skill sets. It is well worth investing in developing your cloud skills if you haven’t already. Companies are increasingly tackling big migration projects from on-premise Teradata, Oracle or SQL Server data warehouses to the cloud.

Salaries and daily rates have remained steady in the second half of 2021, after experiencing an uplift in Q1 & Q2. With new teams being formed, there has been considerable demand for experienced managers and data architects.

Companies have responded to the competitive market by increasing the speed of hiring processes, resulting in a very fast-paced marketplace. Many organisations are successfully compressing their interview process into a 1 or 2 week timeline, and feeling the benefits. There is excellent talent available for Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data Science in the Dublin market if you present candidates with the right career opportunity and can execute the process more quickly than your competitors. We expect to see more opportunities in the day rate contract job market in the Data and BI sector.

This area continues to be a growth sector of IT as companies continue to improve their data storage, understand their businesses and make predictive decisions about their users and consumers.


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