Why did you get into recruitment?

I stumbled upon recruitment after graduating from college. I had just completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and was completely lost on where to go next. I met with a careers advisor and told her what was important to me in a career, I said I wanted something financially rewarding, with clear paths for progression and something very goal-orientated. She pointed me towards Recruitment.

What do you enjoy most about the role and working in Frontend Development (JavaScript)?

The autonomy. I am the first person here with Archer to recruit solely in the field of Frontend Development and I am very proud to have built my desk. I am encouraged to make decisions that will benefit my own desk, and also given the support to do so. I have control over how I invest my time and interests, which I love. I have really enjoyed building my network, and reputation as a Specialist Frontend Recruiter in Dublin.

What is your favourite quote that you live by?

Le courage ne rugit pas toujours. Parfois, le courage est cette petite voix intérieure qui nous dit: j’essaierai encore demain” – Courage does not always roar, often courage is the small calm voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.

What tips would you give for someone considering a career in agency recruitment?

Interview with several different agencies and make sure you are choosing one that you feel will offer you the best progression and training. I made sure to do my research as to what was important to me in a role and an organisation, ask a lot of questions to try and get the best idea of the day to day.

What has been your most memorable moment with Archer Recruitment so far?

Qualifying for the 2018 Ski trip to Italy was a major highlight for me. It was a great way to mark a very hard, but fulfilling year. Also, all of our quarterly outings and team activities.

Siofra Kenny